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Monday, May 12, 2008


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Looks fantastic Chris!


Glad you had a good day! However, sadly disappointed that you didn't do as you were texted ;-) but then again, neither did Nick! You do look rather dashing in that suit!
Lisa x

José  Picardo

Hi Chris, your presentation looked great. Good luck with everything!

Espero que todo te salga bien.


Jo Rhys-Jones

Hi Chris - loved the presentation, shame about that weird red scarf you're holding in the photo - got a really good Saints one I can send you....

Mrs Crossley

Love the blog Chris and want everyone to know that without you we wouldn't have a blog ar Royds. Look forward to meeting you again soon.

Alex Blagona

Hey Chris - when do you find out? We'll have to get you up to Ipswich to a) give a presentation and b) watch some REAL football.

Good stuff mate!

Susan Burg

nice work!!! very interesting to hear your voice and I agree with you. When I was 16 I spent a summer at the University of Exeter...did you say you are in Devon?

Susan in Italy
(but from Chicago)

Susan Burg

ps....sorry but I am for the Italian team

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Hi Chris, your presentation looked great. Good luck with everything!

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