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Monday, June 18, 2007


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Jen Sutton

Hi Chris, It was nice to meet you on Saturday at ALL. I had no idea you were taking part / organising sucha project. We are looking into e-Twinning with our schools in Spain - we want to do a History project about our own towns and then exchange info and visit those places when they come to see us in Feb and we them in May. Good Luck with yours. Keep us posted - literally!Jen

Paul Harrington

Wow Mr F as young Mr Dale says - the Edgehill European Cup Project truly fledges - excellent - I love Carlos the Spanish doll - ( but then with my soft toy problem - I would wouldn't I ). lol
We will be following with interest - if you have trouble getting twins in some of the qualifying countires - we may be able to help with our network of 12 EU countries - don't hesitate to ask.....Paul


A shame my school is a bit(!) too far away (near Birmingham!!)to participate - my year 5s would go for it 'big time' as they'd say!
I will watch with interest!
Lisa xx

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